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Shingitai is a Japanese name and its philosophy is understood as an important way of life. In everything one does successfully, one can only achieve it through proper planning, know-how and hard work.

What is Shingitai? SHIN represents the mind, heart, and good spirit. GI represents technique, knowledge, and experience. TAI represents the body, physical, and labour. When combined, one would be able to achieve ultimate results of satisfaction and success.

Hence, the Management will put in its 'Heart and soul' to provide unprecedented levels of service in the requirements of our trading partners.

Our main business will be to provide Worldwide Requirements for the timber species available such as Keruing, Kapur, Meranti, Mersawa, Balau, Kempas, Tualang, Mixed Hardwood, Rubberwood, and etc.

The species from our Malaysian forest are internationally well known. Production of sawn timber, graded under the Malaysian Grading Rules can be exported in rough/raw form or shipped as Value Added Products such as Finished Truck Flooring, Skids, Door and Window Frames, Pallets, Packing Materials, Furniture Components or other House Parts.

Our business clients are considered our important partners as we foster close friendship through our trading. We will meet market demands and adapt to changes wherever and whenever necessary to stay competitive in our business. We will also provide a good link-up between buyers and suppliers to ensure continuity in our trading.

The people managing the Company have more than 35 years of experience in the Timber Industry to service all markets in the world. Our focus is towards the future where we all need to depend on one another to achieve our vision of Shingitai.



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